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Why are you working so hard? Is it that important project? An intimidating boss? Workaholics eschew mental health and social intimacy for the "fix" of deadlines, production goals and long hours.

No one is immune: Since 1969 we've added an average of one month of work time to our schedules.

While many write this off to an increasing workload, it can signal deeper problems. Dr. Gayle Porter of Rutgers University School of Business believes workaholics are addicts.

"They overwork to compensate for self-esteem, self-concept and identity issues. This plays out as sacrifice of intimacy [with spouse and family], a high need to control, inflexibility and perfectionism."

Your responses to the quiz below may reveal whether you are indeed a workaholic. It's followed by an answer key, with links to articles and resources to help you temper your driven ways.

11 questions: 3 minutes

1. The responsibilities and deadlines at work...
Can be close calls
Are fun
2. My work habits...
Work for those important to me
Hurt those important to me
3. I...
Must have success
Enjoy success
4. Hobbies are...
Not possible right now
An integral part of my life
5. My current job...
Challenges my health and well-being
Improves my health and well-being
6. Missing important family and social events for work is...
Usually unthinkable
Usually unavoidable
7. I schedule and undertake...
More than I can get done
What I can do
8. If I worked less, I would...
Not know what to do with my time
Explore other interests
9. For the next six months, vacation is...
Not in the cards
A definite goal
10. Work          my personal relationships.
11. Starting a workweek fresh is...
rarely possible
A high priority

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