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Are You Selfish?
How able are you to outflank ego and share common visions? Are your own opinions and needs hampering your compassion and integrity? Answer these questions and reflect on your own reflection.

Number of Questions: 10
Time Required: 3 minutes
1.Which one of these people do you identify with most?
Jimmy Stewart
Marilyn Monroe
Michael Jordan
Marge Simpson
Alexander the Great
2.How do you feel after donating to a charity?
Same as Usual
3.Do you like to collaborate on projects?
Depends on the experience.
As long as it fits with my schedule.
No. Too many cooks ruin the soup.
Always. I take a leading role.
Yes. I learn a lot working with others.
4.Is honesty really the best policy?
Definitely. I can't stand liars and brown-nosers.
No, it's telling people what they want to hear.
Yes, if it doesn't hurt anyone.
It's sometimes not to my advantage to be honest.
That's one of my ideals.
5.What don't you like about sex?
The inconvenience and discomfort it causes.
My partner's imperfections.
Seeing myself naked.
All that work for a brief orgasm.
The fact that it ends.

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