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Great Entrepreneurs Web Administration Kit

Welcome PBS affiliate! Now you can enhance your station's Web site with a suite of interactive online content from myprimetime.com.

This Web admin kit is the online companion to the Great Entrepreneurs television series. It has polls, quizzes, video clips, feature articles, biographies, timelines, downloads, and much more! All content is hosted and supported by myprimetime.com and with a few simple steps you can make it part of your site.

The Web kit gives your viewers a unique opportunity to explore the themes and content of the program in an online setting. They can interact with others and learn more about themselves.

Webmasters simply visit this page to find the link for the Web kit of the episode currently airing on their station. They create a frameset or pop-up window and link it to the appropriate Web kit. For technical support, Webmasters can email contact@myprimetime.com or call 415-932-3936.

For Webmasters:

Below you will find links to each episode's Web kit, as well as images you can use to promote the series.

Here are two ways to incorporate these Web kits into your site:

  1. Build a frame set that points to the URL of the episode's Web kit.
    Here is a sample page with framesets.
    Print out a Word document explaining how to build the frameset pages.

  2. Have the mini-site open in a pop-up window.
    See Detroit Public TV's page as an example.

Links to each episode's Web kit:

Episode 1: Thomas Edison/Jim Clark

Episode 2: P.T. Barnum/Dick Clark

Episode 3: J.D. Rockefeller/Bill Gates

Episode 4: Coco Chanel/Martha Stewart

Episode 5: Henry Ford/Steve Case

Episode 6: Sam Walton/Michael Dell

Episode 7: Hewlett-Packard/Jerry Yang-David Filo

Episode 8: J.P. Morgan/Charles Schwab

Episode 9: Howard Hughes/Richard Branson

Episode 10: Thomas Watson Jr./Andrew Grove

Episode 11: Cesar Chavez/Anita Roddick

Episode 12: Cyrus Curtis/Robert Johnson

Episode 13: Ray Kroc/Howard Schultz

Promotional Images:

You can save these promotional images for use on your site.
Button: 93x177

Banner: 350x60

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