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Listen To Thy Inner Customer
by Brandon Sawyer

Ever wonder if the next big thing is like the elusive jar of olives in your refrigerator, right in front of your nose and you just can't see it? Listen to one of the following Great Entrepreneurs clips and test your listening skills.

Length of each clip: 3 minutes
Number of Questions: 5
Time required: 5 minutes

Note: This quiz is intended as a tool for self-exploration but is not scientifically validated.

(1) Choose an entrepreneur: Henry Ford, legendary automaker, or Steve Case, founder of America Online, and (2) select audio or video, depending on your Internet connection speed and preference.

Steve Case Quiz
Real Audio (28K-100k) Real Video (300K)

Henry Ford Quiz
Real Audio (28K-100k) Real Video (300K)

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• Rockefeller and Gates
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