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Home  > Joseph Dispenza Biography
Joseph Dispenza

Joseph Dispenza, M.A., director of Parcells Center for Personal Transformation in Santa Fe, N.M., is the author of 12 books. For eight years, he lived in a monastery studying spirituality firsthand and developing the foundation of his spiritual life.

The first year of his monastic experience was lived in total silence. After he left the monastery, he worked for social change with a number of organizations. He earned an advanced degree in communication and became an educator, writer and student of spirituality.

Dispenza's books include The Way of the Traveler: Making Every Trip a Journey of Self-Discovery (John Muir Publications, 1999) and Live Better Longer: The Parcells Center 7-Step Plan for Health and Longevity (HarperCollins, 1997). In 1995, Joseph co-founded Parcells Center as an educational institute to advance the methods of natural self-healing developed by Dr. Hazel Parcells (1889-1996). As director of Parcells Center, he represents the center to the public, teaches seminars on mind-body healing, and acts as a point of contact for the Parcells Network of Holistic Health Practitioners, an international group of Parcells students and colleagues.

Dispenza is also the author of scores of articles on natural self-healing that have appeared in magazines and newspapers, including Alternative Medicine, American Way, Free Spirit, Magical Blend, Whole Life Times and To Your Health. He has spent much of his professional life teaching, as a lecturer in film and communication at American University in Washington, D.C., and a professor at The College of Santa Fe, where he founded a highly successful academic program in Moving Image Arts and chaired that department for six years.

Dispenza brings to his writing projects 35 years of personal spiritual practice and the study of spirituality. In philosophy, his thinking has developed mostly out of traditional Christian theology and, to a lesser extent, the Eastern religions. Among his many spiritual influences has been the work of the American mystic Joel S. Goldsmith, whose teachings evolved from Christian Science, Unity, and New Thought, and whose legacy is The Infinite Way and dozens of other books.

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