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“What we are is God’s gift to us. What we become is our gift to God.” Eleanor Powell (Full Story)


Searching for a Vision
Throughout history, religious leaders and philosophers, from Jesus to Mohammad to Mohandas Gandhi, have ventured into the wilderness in search of wisdom and truth. Today, Americans are turning to nature-based spiritual growth programs seeking the same source of inspiration. (Full Story)

Touched By An Angel?
Skeptics who steer clear of matters of the spirit might listen to author Jim Taylor. His angelic visitation helped him overcome a problem millions struggle with. (Full Story)

If God Spoke English
He'd compare the world to a cookie factory. Stephen Mitchell, world-renowned translator of sacred texts, reveals what he's learned from being God's editor. (Full Story)

Food for Mood
If you're sad and you know it, eat some bread! If you're tired and you know it, eat a nut! Design your mood with food. Here's how. (Full Story)

Isn't Rich Simpler?
Andrei Codrescu says that living simply requires pots of money. And maybe a potato-shooter or two. (Full Story)

A Guide to the Gurus
From Oprah to Chopra: We explore the messages, mediums and modes of action behind today's ten hottest self-help gurus. (Full Story)

Weather Center
Going somewhere? Find out what the weather is like anywhere in the world. (More)

Take the Failure Quiz
Hop back in the saddle again (More)

Escape Homes
Escape to Simplicity
Give yourself a new start in a second home. This week's installment features America's quaint towns.  (Full Story)
What a difference a shift in perspective makes. Frankly it can change everything you believed to be true. are you livig an illusion Sometimes that shift comes suddenly, with the passage of time or in light of new information, but it does come. (Full Story)

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