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Take Me Out...
by W. Blake Gray

Ballparks are the most exciting buildings in America. They're trendsetters in architecture and urban renovation. Even better, baseball is played in them.

Wise Guide to Ballparks 2001
American League:

AL East
AL Central
AL West
National League:

NL East
NL Central
NL West
Quiz: Porter of Pilsner? Which would you guzzle at the game?
Got a special tip on your team's ballpark? Post it!

A sunny day in the stands at a great ballpark, fish tacos in one hand and a microbrew in the other, is the most American pleasure you can have outside of filing a spurious lawsuit. But a bad building can make the game drag on like a tent revival after Mardi Gras. And most days you don't have a choice of baseball venues. If your city stuck you with Olympic Stadium, there's nothing you can do but curse in as many languages as you know.

Sadly, we can't deflate the Metrodome. But our Wise Guide will help you enjoy a game there — or anywhere — by telling you where to sit, what to eat, what to drink, where to stay, and other tips for every ballpark in the Major Leagues.

So skip the peanuts and Cracker Jack, and join us for a crabcake and the nation's oldest beer at Oriole Park, or a cozy chat with our team's closer at Network Associates Coliseum. But if we're meeting at Coors Field, you can have all the Rocky's Mountain Oysters for yourself.

Trivial Ballpark Tips:

• Which team has the best food? Surprise: We like the stadium grub in the very un-chic culinary city of St. Petersburg

• Which new mallpark has the worst cheap seats? In Houston, you can sit at the same level as the highest row of stadium lights.

• Which seats are the biggest bargain? How about the field boxes in Dodger Stadium — only $17, considerably less than Julia Roberts' used lipstick.

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LeadImage.alttext Q:    Where's the best seat in BOB? Do the Oakland Colliseum dogs top Pac Bell's? What about that Rocky Mountain view from Coors Field?
A: Click Here

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Related Stories
• Hot Dogs, Peanuts and...Sushi?
• Top 10 Baseball Movies
• Not You Again, DiMaggio!
• Diamond In The Rough
• 1,2,3 Strikes You're Out
• Play Ball!

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