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Other Work Minutes
Assessing a person's character in a short period of time is difficult, but necessary, when it comes time to hire a new employee. Lew Platt, former CEO of Kendall-Jackson Winery, discusses how he accomplishes this.

One of the toughest decisions a boss has to make is when to tear up the playbook that has brought the company so far. Richard Schulze, CEO of Best Buy, explains his painful decision to look for outside help when the retailer was struggling.

Free-lance philosopher Sam Keen says modern society has created a myth surrounding the almighty dollar.

Outside forces are pushing our lives faster and faster. According to psychologist Ofer Zur, the speed with which you make choices is as important as the choices.

The future belongs to smaller companies. Why? Donna Dubinsky, CEO of Handspring and one of the creators of the Palm Pilot, explains.

Psychologist Ofer Zur says people who take the time to look at the mountains or walk on the beach will get much better strategic planning than those zooming through life at ultra high speeds.

Jason McCabe Calacanis, CEO of Silicon Alley Newsletter cautions you not to mistake big money for big success.

When looking for a new job, turn the interview process around and you interview your potential boss. Donna Dubinsky, CEO of Handspring and one of the creators of Palm Computing, says to look for a boss that is willing to teach you and give you opportunities to excel.

Can you name one characteristic shared by almost all successful entrepreneurs? The answer: Charisma. Jason McCabe Calacanis, of the Silicon Alley Newsletter, explains.

By definition, entrepreneurs are not sane people. Or so says Jason McCabe Calacanis of the Silicon Alley Newsletter. Who are these drivers of innovation?

Jason McCabe Calacanis, CEO of Silicon Alley Newsletter, says successful entrepreneurs must be able to transfer their enthusiasm about the project to others on their team.

Eric Schmidt, CEO for Novell, says the Internet is changing the way we ought to think.

Carl Russo, Cerent's CEO, tells us when not to work.

JoMei Chang, of Vitria Technology, talks about taking risks and making major commitments.

Rusty Leaver, a modern day cowboy, measures success in smaller increments.

Allen Klein, author and lecturer, says that laughing at tough situations makes them a little easier to weather.

When PlanetRx CEO Michael Beindorff took time to think about his next career move, he didn't think about money, but instead followed his passion.

Serial entrepreneur Jim Clark says he refuses to work with people who donít listen well.

Tony Magee, the CEO of Lagunitas Brewery, says fear can be a powerful motivational source. Fear is what drives him to succeed.

With talented employees a scarcity, Mark Leslie, CEO of Veritas, says one way to keep them is to empower them.

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