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Contact: Lila Petersen
MyPrimeTime, Inc.

Jim Zelinski
Zelinski Public Relations
(For MyPrimeTime, Inc.)

Looking for the perfect musical gift for your baffling teen? presents the Enlightened Parents' Guide to Modern Music

"Are you jiggy? Into the bling-bling thing?"-Excerpt from the "Gangsta Lingo Quiz".

"Girls' self images are not strengthened by songs like "Nookie"-Excerpt from "Rock: The Bad".

San Francisco (December 12, 2000) -- Do you sometimes find yourself muttering the words your parents used to say, "I just don't understand kids' music today"? Or worse, are you afraid to know what your kids are listening to? You're not the Lone Ranger.

Now, there's help from - one of the Internet's top 200 most-visited websites and part of San Francisco-based MyPrimeTime, Inc. the leading new media company.

The latest in MyPrimeTime's series of Wise Guides, the Enlightened Parents Guide to Modern Music is on in its PLAY section. The Guide breaks down today's music into five categories, points out the bands both your kids AND YOU will like, cites problems with each genre and how parents can help children counteract negative musical influences. Besides giving adults a wealth of insight into what their kids are listening to, it's fun and a perfect gift-giving guide for the holidays.

On its easily navigable site, offers insights into rock, country, hip-hop, pop and electronica. Which hip-hop bands have a positive take on the act of love? Try The Pharcyde. What's one of the coolest acts in electronica today? Probably Massive Attack. With a click on the name of the artist, parents can even listen to samples of music the Wise Guide recommends.

"It doesn't take long to fall out of touch with music," according to Wise Guide series author W. Blake Gray. "All you need is one child. You stop buying albums because you don't have time to listen."

As Director of Sales at KNBC-TV in Los Angeles, he successfully directed local and national sales efforts and exceeded all special sports sales efforts.

And the Wise Guide offers more…did you know studies demonstrate a link between country music and suicide? Or that some hip-hop acts shower listeners with violent and misogynistic lyrics? wants to empower parents to handle the unsavory aspects of modern music in the most productive way possible. Just saying "no" to your child's musical taste doesn't always work.

How do you talk to your nine-year-old daughter about the suggestive gyrations of Britney Spears? What can you tell your electronica-loving fifteen-year-old son about the dangers of the drug Ecstasy? Ecstasy is often associated with electronica and rave parties.

"Don't blame yourself for not keeping up," said Donald Van de Mark, MyPrimeTime Inc. Co-Founder, Vice President and Editorial Director. "Even those of us who aren't old farts can't tell a 'jiggy' from a 'shorty'. This latest Wise Guide is not only helpful, it's fun and funny. You thought the Rolling Stones were outrageous, some of these bands are way out of control -- know what's going on underneath your kid's ear phones."

In addition to its take on "The Good" and "The Bad" of the music industry you can learn how to continue your musical education with the Wise Guide's instructions on how to use Napster. And the Wise Guide extends the interactive experience with features such as the "Gangsta Lingo Quiz."

W. Blake Gray also authored the Wise Guide to Napa Valley, Wise Guide to Ballparks, and Wise Guide to Disney World for Grown-Ups.

About MyPrimeTime, Inc.

Founded in June 1999 by a group of former CNN executives, San Francisco-based MyPrimeTime, Inc. is the leading new media company empowering adults to navigate through life's events. Its premier Web site, was launched in October 1999 and in less than one year, became one of the top two hundred most-visited sites on the Web. The company uses and markets its proprietary contextual e-commerce technology to personalize its offerings over both broadcasting and Internet networks. The company's partners and customers include world-class media and technology companies as well as global marketers targeting people in their "prime time."

MyPrimeTime, Inc.'s management team includes executives from CNN, Inktomi, StarMedia, DoubleClick, Infoseek and Arthur Andersen. Its corporate partners include Fidelity Investments and American Public television's Nightly Business Report. MyPrimeTime's investors include Hummer Winblad Venture Partners, Sequoia Partners, Blue Chip Capital, Presidio Ventures Partners, Odyssey Research, Integrity Partners and W.R. Hambrecht, as well as angel investor Joan Rivers. The total equity investment in the company stands at more than $30 million.

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