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Thursday, July 20, 2000

Senior Surfing

Times Staff Writer

To some, the Internet is the playground of tech-savvy teens and twentysomethings. But older users have connections to this new technology too. From recreation to planning to family, there are tons of sites catering to the 50-years-and-older crowd.
One of the touted benefits of the "golden years" is having an abundance of free time. Several sites can help you fill it.
You can find a number of sites with information on travel, entertainment, health care and housing. They include:

  • has, among other things, a tour finder to scout out tours within a region or category and price range--think bird-watching in Antigua.
  • provides links on aging and being active.
  • includes links to senior discounts.
  • lets users answer a questionnaire about housing needs to determine which type of housing or care may be most suitable. It also offers detailed descriptions, color photos, floor plans, 360-degree virtual tours and easy ways to communicate directly with on-site staff.
  • Also try:
  • is a search engine to locate elder-care services.
  • Legal issues concerning Medicare, Social Security and long-term care are covered at http://www.nolo .com/encyclopedia/oa_ency.html. It includes links to an estate planning section as well.
  • targets the 50-plus market.
  • also focuses on baby boomers with tools and suggestions for planning for the future and playing in the meantime.
  • tells you the real deal on what aches and pains to expect as the years march on.
    For those who have lost their mate, provides a large selection of Web resources on everything from finances to support groups to picking out a memorial.
    There are a number of sites dedicated to connecting you with other folks. If you're looking for other silver surfers to chat with, check out It links up mature adults from all over the world in search of pen pals.
    Many seniors already have a relationship with the Social Security Administration. The agency offers on its site,, retirement planners covering all kinds of insurance and housing planners and employment, travel tips with currency calculators, weather reports and preparation information geared toward senior citizens.
    And for seniors who want to continue to work, is a starting point.
    One of the great things about growing older, I hear, is getting to connect with younger relatives to share your life experiences and pass on family traditions. Grandparents can find topics of interest relating to their relationship with grandchildren at It covers things from imparting family values and traditions to emotionally supporting children of interracial unions.
    For a catch-all site, check out Granny gives you links to sites on things ranging from museums and genealogy to government and sports. Another useful site is, which offers family bonding ideas such as building a family profile.
    Some seniors are returning to youth, as parents again. Get support and rearing ideas at Then again, you'll probably be too busy chasing that 2-year-old to log on anyway.

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