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From: Paul Kagan Associates' Marketing New Media newsletter


Whether a medium known for micro-targeting will support a broad-ranging site for baby boomers is the provocative question posed by, now entering its third week of life on the web following a 9/30 launch.
The aspiring portal aims to do for web-literate 35-54 year olds what MTV did for teens and Lifetime did for women: Identify an advertiser-coveted demographic and build the content and branding to suit it to a tee.
It's only appropriate that the founders hail from a cable background: CNNfn alums Helen Whelan, Craig Forman and Donald Van de Mark head the 47-person staff that cranks out money management advice, health tips and playful nostalgia in a bid to lure one of the largest demographic slices of web users.


No. of 35-54 yr. olds who...

Amount segment %

Have online connections 47.2 100%
Shopped online, last 6 mos. 36.7 78%
Have been online 3+ yrs. 15.7 33%
Bought online, last 30 days 13.8 29%

Data in millions

Source: Paul Kagan Associates, Inc. analysis of @Plan data, Sept. 1999

Broad-swath sites aren't new. There are already a handful of portals devoted to women, for instance. But getting their grip on a hulking demographic category in which there are wide ranges of political aptitudes, cultural tastes and personal life agendas is the biggest challenge the trio faces.
Still, there's obvious attraction to the pure numerology of the category, which by some estimates spans nearly 50 mil. U.S. web users and appears to involve a high degree of e-commerce activity.
"Nobody's really targeting them," said president Helen Whelen. "And the opportunity is so huge you could rive a truck through it."
In addition to pure size, there's the usual litany of boomer-stats to back the ad sales pitch. Adult online users 35-54, according to surveys by @Plan, exceed the U.S. online user population in a variety of purchasing/spending behaviors>>>.


Increase over
Purchases/behavior online user avg.

Home repair/renovation 30%
Landscaping 29%
Digital cameras 84%
Appliance shopping 58%
Gourmet food/beverages 46%
Home electronics (last 6 mos.) 70%
Books online 56%
Travel purchase online 50%
Hotel/motel online 69%
Rental car online 70%

Source: @Plan, Sept. 99. Figures reflect behavior of Boomers who have been online 3+ years vs. the general online population.

Aiming for a slice of what we estimate will be $4.3 bil. in Internet advertising next year, Myprimetime is optimistic over early user patterns that notched 11+ minutes of dwell time/visitor, a big leap over most news sites that keep visitors for 1 min. or less.
But it's likely that much of the early metrics reflect the novelty of the site. Over time, we expect Myprimetime to face the same attention-span challenges that other broadly targeted sites contend with.
Revenue sources include content sponsorships, traditional banner ad displays (Doubleclick helps sell the inventory), online commerce and content syndication sales. With most of its staff devoted to editorial content, the site aims to cultivate a web reputation as a highly visible original publisher.

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