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Contact: Drew Blakeman
Kratz & Jensen Inc. for MyPrimeTime, Inc.
212-979-2700 ext. 251, Leading Baby Boomer Web Portal,Helps You Save Money With "Tips for Tightwads"

Be Named "Tightwad of the Week"For a Chance to Win a "Tips for Tightwads" Prize Package

SAN FRANCISCO, Mar. 13, 2000 - Are you still feeling strapped for cash from overspending for the holidays? Or do you just like to pinch your pennies so tight the metal bends? Either way,, the definitive online resource for baby boomers, has a new feature on its Web site that is perfect for people who can't stand the thought of wasting money.

"There's no reason to throw away money, but many people do just that every single day," said Donald Van de Mark, Co-Founder, Vice President and Editorial Director of integrated media company MyPrimeTime, Inc. and its baby boomer life empowerment site

"Some of our tips may seem a little extreme," added Van de Mark, who is an avowed tightwad. "However, they not only point out the many common-sense ways to avoid waste, but emphasize the fact that saving money is the necessary first step to achieving financial freedom."

In keeping with the theme,'s "Tips for Tightwads" feature completely recycled content with a strong practical foundation. A new tip is posted on the Web site's "Money" section each day, and visitors are invited to add their two cents' worth to the site's bulletin boards.

Each week, will honor the person who posts the most creative tip as its "Tightwad of the Week," showering him or her with a special "Tips for Tightwads" prize package of inexpensive but extremely useful items. These include a ball of string, some tinfoil, and a special "surprise" gift.

Some of the "Tips for Tightwads" featured on sound like the things a beloved (if miserly) old relative might say: Cut open tubes of toothpaste to get every last bit, take all of the toiletries from your hotel, and save spare change in a jar for a special purchase.

Other tips are decidedly more cutting-edge: Research online before buying a car, and wait a few months before getting the latest computer or other technology.

People can also see which level of's "Six Degrees of Tightwaddery" best describes them. Are they merely thrifty, frighteningly frugal, or down-and-out desperate?

"With all the money people can save by thinking ahead, they'll have that much more to help make their dreams a reality," noted Van de Mark.

About MyPrimeTime, Inc. and
Empowering people between the ages of 35 and 54, is a Web site that provides 81 million Americans with a voice - as well as tips, tools and even a little inspiration to help them make positive changes in their lives. The four principal content areas on the site are Money, Work, Health and Play. Users get finely edited content to help them reach their goals, including information on how to accelerate a savings plan, slow the aging process, start a business and plan the vacation of a lifetime. According to MyPrimeTime, Inc. Co-Founder and Editorial Director Donald Van de Mark, the Web site is "a personal trainer for your life.", part of integrated media company MyPrimeTime, Inc., is based in San Francisco, CA.

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