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Web Site Offers Advertisers Direct Link to Largest Online Audience

San Francisco, September 30, 1999 -, the definitive online resource for baby boomers, launched today with a special feature on the most important brands of the baby boom years. The founders of - CNNfn alumni Helen Whelan, Craig Forman, Donald Van de Mark and its editors - believe that visitors to the site will feel a nostalgic sense of home as they read concise descriptions of the brands and, in many instances, their advertising campaigns. Jello, Pampers, Barbie and Schwinn are some of the famous names featured.

The baby boomer audience is the largest group of consumers on the Web - more than half of the total online audience - and is targeting them with the content, tools and commerce they need to take control of their lives and realize their dreams. The site also offers advertisers and marketers a key opportunity to reach this highly desirable demographic.

"Craig, Donald and I realized that no one in the Internet space was reaching out to people like us - successful people in the prime of life, looking to maximize our opportunities in the next two decades," says Whelan. "When we began looking into the statistics on Internet traffic, we discovered that there are 47.2 million boomers on the Web and that an incredible 36.7 million of them have shopped online in the past six months."

The Brands That Shaped Our Primetime takes an affectionate, humorous look at touchstone brands developed for the 81 million people born between 1946 and 1964. As Forman says, "This is the generation that opened brand new markets, like designer jeans and compact discs, by embracing and developing new technology to an unprecedented degree. This is also the generation that has more money to spend than any other on the Web, so it represents a vital demographic for advertisers. We wanted to acknowledge the personal relationships that baby boomers have with these brands, and to also provide the brands with a way of reaching these consumers."


Empowering people between ages 35 to 54, provides baby boomers with an online voice - as well as tips, tools and even inspiration to help them make positive changes in their lives. The four principal areas on the site are MONEY, WORK, HEALTH and PLAY. Users will find finely edited content to help them accomplish life goals, such as accelerating a savings plan, slowing the aging process, starting a business and planning the vacation of a lifetime. According to Editorial Director and Co-founder Van de Mark, will act as "a personal trainer for your life."

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