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Contact: Drew Blakeman
Kratz & Jensen Inc. for MyPrimeTime, Inc.
212-979-2700 ext. 251

MyPrimeTime, Inc. and Leading Baby Boomer Web Site myprimetime.com
Now Providing Lifestyle Content to AltaVista Users

SAN FRANCISCO, Mar. 30, 2000 - MyPrimeTime, Inc., an integrated media company, and its baby boomer life empowerment Web site, myprimetime.com, today announced they are now providing lifestyle-oriented content to AltaVista, the Internet's premier media and commerce network at www.altavista.com.

Myprimetime.com will become a new content provider for AltaVista Live!. Pertinent articles will be featured in various AltaVista channels including the News area, Money channel and additional channels, as the content pertains. MyPrimeTime's current content areas are Money, Work, Health and Play. A fifth MyPrimeTime content area, Family, will be added in the near future. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

"We are pleased to be able to provide a broad cross-section of our content to the nearly 56 million people worldwide who use AltaVista every month," said MyPrimeTime, Inc. Co-Founder and CEO Craig Forman.

"The 81 million members of the baby boomer generation represent the Web's largest demographic group. This distribution deal with AltaVista points to the growing perception that this is a vitally important audience for every kind of Internet play," Forman added. "MyPrimeTime will provide a wide variety of information that isn't just relevant to baby boomers, but that is intended to enhance the quality of their lives."

"MyPrimeTime's content, which is geared toward people interested in taking positive actions to improve their lives, compliments our real-time news delivered to our users daily," said Brian Carr, Executive Editor, AltaVista. "MyPrimeTime provides pertinent information to adults of any age, whether they're 18 or 80,who are leading active lifestyles and want to receive useful, quality information."

About AltaVista

AltaVista Company is the premier media and commerce network offering Internet users up-to-the-minute news, live video, content, search and shopping resources. The company integrates unique technology, products and services to deliver relevant results faster for both individuals and businesses. By combining distinctive "best of the Web" relationships with personalized service, the AltaVista Network at www.altavista.com creates the smartest Internet experience. AltaVista is building on its heritage of technology and innovative leadership, offering informative services including AltaVista Live!, AltaVista Search, AltaVista Shopping.com, AltaVista Local, FreeAccess combined with the AltaVista microportal. AltaVista is a majority-owned operating company of CMGI, Inc. (Nasdaq: CMGI), Andover, MA. AltaVista is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA.

About MyPrimeTime, Inc. and myprimetime.com

Empowering people between the ages of 35 and 54, myprimetime.com is a Web site that provides 81 million Americans with a voice - as well as tips, tools and even a little inspiration to help them make positive changes in their lives. The four principal content areas on the site are Money, Work, Health and Play. Users get finely edited content to help them reach their goals, including information on how to accelerate a savings plan, slow the aging process, start a business and plan the vacation of a lifetime. According to MyPrimeTime, Inc. Co-Founder and Editorial Director Donald Van de Mark, the myprimetime.com Web site is "a personal trainer for your life." Myprimetime.com, part of integrated media company MyPrimeTime, Inc., is based in San Francisco, CA.

MyPrimeTime, Inc. was founded in June 1999 by a group of former CNN/CNNfn executives, with the myprimetime.com Web site launching in October 1999. The company's senior management team includes senior people from Inktomi, Disney, StarMedia, Electronic Arts and Ziff-Davis. Its corporate partners include Fidelity Investments, public television's Nightly Business Report and NewsReal Inc. MyPrimeTime's investors include venture capital firms Sequoia Partners, Hummer Winblad Venture Partners, Blue Chip Capital, Presidio Ventures Partners, Odyssey Research and W.R. Hambrecht, as well as angel investor Joan Rivers. The total equity investment in the company stands at more than $30 million.

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