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What others have said
3/10/2000 Kyle Noone, MyPrimeTime writer, speaks up on camp counselors
San Francisco Chronicle
Peggy Spear
3/9/2000 Bread & Roses 25th Anniversary Show Sponsor
3/7/2000 Leah Garchik's Personals
San Francisco Chronicle
Leah Garchik
3/3/2000 WSJE: WEEKEND: Personal Finance & Spending: Net Profit
Wall Street Journal Interactive
Edward Taylor
2/27/2000 $.com: Women's sites stir debate over content.
Minneapolis StarTribune
Eric Wieffering
2/24/2000 All in the Family
Fast Company
Amy Wilson
2/3/2000 Boom town: OK, forty- and fifty-somethings
LA Times.com
Michelle Maltais
1/24/2000 Myprimetime's $10 million lands at Age Wave Impact
Advertising Age
12/22/99 I'm a Baby Boomer and have trouble finding sites...
Yahoo Internet Life
12/20/1999 Home Page for the Holidays Contest Winners
Silicon Valley WebGuild and the Association of Internet Professionals
12/20/99 Booming Business
The Industry Standard
Lain Ehmann
12/18/99 WorldVillage - Family Site of the Day
MyPrimeTime... is an online personal trainer.
12/12/99 Web content may be a prince, not a king
San Francisco Examiner
Matt Beer
12/1/99 Web Sighting Happy Holiday Season Calendar
Bob Suter
11/14/99 Profile: Worlds Merge
The Industry Standard
Leslie Crawford
11/4/99 The Network Profile of the Week- Craig Forman
The Industry Standard
Leslie Crawford
11/4/99 "MyPrimeTime Talks About Its Generation l"
The Industry Standard
Diane Anderson
10/28/99 "Do Baby Boomers want their very own home on the Internet? "
San Francisco Chronicle
Media Bytes
10/27/99 "Baby Boomer Advice"
USA Today - Hot Sites
Sam Vincent Meddis
10/19/99 Anatomy of a Portal: Weaving a Wider Web
Paul Kagan Associates' Marketing New Media
10/14/99 "Watching the Web"
Wall Street Journal
Andrea Petersen
10/1/99 "Find Your Vertical Portal"
PC Magazine
Don Willmott
08/18/99 "Sites of the week"
Jon Swartz
07/1799 "Hummer Winblad funds baby-boomer portal"
Red Herring
Georgie Raik-Allen
Reader Comments

"I just thought I needed to let you know that your site is a breath of fresh air! I was 'searching' for a generic 'job application form' and your name popped up in the search engine results.I'm glad it did. Oh, yes.... the forms you have are just what I was looking for!" S. Smith

12/12/99 I just want you to know I have been looking for a sight like yours A. Cron-Tarkhan

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