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Contact: Lila Petersen
MyPrimeTime, Inc.

Nightly Business Report
Ed Tagliaferri/Stacy Fusaro
Dan Klores Associates, Inc.

MyPrimeTime, Inc./Nightly Business Report Launch Groundbreaking T.V. Series "Great Entrepreneurs" in Major Select U.S. Markets

San Francisco (January 9, 2001)--The exciting new weekly television series "Great Entrepreneurs," co-produced by MyPrimeTime, Inc. and "Nightly Business Report," debuts this week on select public television stations in Pittsburgh, Miami and Detroit with many more coming on board by April. MyPrimeTime, Inc. is a new media company comprised of television, Website, wireless, broadband and ecommerce.

"Great Entrepreneurs" pairs yesterday's innovative business pioneers with the dynamic leaders of today's New Economy. Rarely seen footage of business moguls such as Coco Chanel, who forever changed women's fashions, and the original showman, P. T. Barnum, will be featured in initial episodes. They are contrasted with innovators such as Martha Stewart, who for the first time talks publicly about her divorce and Dick Clark who discussed how he survived the deejay payola scandal in the summer of 1960.

Viewers will learn the poignant story of Intel founder Andy Grove and how his childhood experiences as a refugee from the Nazis shaped him as a man and entrepreneur. They'll also see how both J. D. Rockefeller and Bill Gates managed to dominate the markets in their respective industries, bringing them into conflict with the federal government over anti-trust laws. All the shows focus on the triumphs, fears and motivations of each of these remarkable people.

Donald Van de Mark, VP Editorial Director of MyPrimeTime adds, "For every kid struggling with school, for every adult considering a career shift, for nearly everyone who's hit a roadblock there are lessons here. From the quirky to the magnificent, we bring you a world of grit and grandeur with accompanying online tools and resources. And anyone with access to a computer can apply these lessons to their own lives."

After viewing the historical biographies, a panel of biographers and scholars compare and contrast the two personalities in a roundtable debate and discussion hosted by Linda O'Bryon of "Nightly Business Report" and Donald Van de Mark.

Each episode will offer interactive components giving public television viewers the opportunity to voice their own opinions through a unique online feature.

This cross-media approach, combining conventional television and interactive online tools, is a great attraction to many public television stations. To facilitate this process, MyPrimeTime, Inc. has created a 7-page "Web administration kit" to complement each episode of "Great Entrepreneurs." These 'kits' offer additional data and information, interactive quizzes, chat schedules and online polls so that viewers can ask questions and express concerns about model success strategies.

"Great Entrepreneurs" goes beyond being biographies by exploring techniques used and lessons learned by featured entrepreneurs," said Linda O'Bryon, senior vice president and general manager of "Nightly Business Report." "With its unique online companion tools, tie-ins to local public television station Websites, and access to myprimetime.com core audience of 2.4 million users, this new series will expose viewers to the ideas and thinking at the root of America's great entrepreneurial revolution."

About MyPrimeTime, Inc. and myprimetime.com
In just over 18 months, the MyPrimeTime team has built the leading new media company focused on empowering adults, peak performers, to navigate through life's events (a $1.9 trillion market of 35 to 54 year-olds in the U.S. alone). MyPrimeTime, Inc. has become one of the Web's top 250 brands, reaching over 3.3 million unique monthly visitors and 1.1 million registered users, and with a total monthly reach of over five million households through the company's television association with Public Television's "Nightly Business Report." In addition to television and the Web, MyPrimeTime, Inc. also delivers broadband, wireless, contextual ecommerce and television programming. Its premier Web site, myprimetime.com, was launched in October 1999. The company uses and markets its proprietary contextual commerce technology to personalize its offerings over both broadcasting and Internet networks. The company's partners and customers include world-class media and technology companies as well as global marketers targeting people in their "prime time".

The MyPrimeTime, Inc. senior management team includes former executives from Inktomi, StarMedia and CBSMarketWatch. Its corporate partners include Fidelity Investments and Public television's Nightly Business Report. MyPrimeTime's investors include venture capital firms Hummer Winblad Venture Partners, Sequoia Partners, Blue Chip Capital, Presidio Ventures Partners, Odyssey Research, Integrity Partners and W.R. Hambrecht, as well as angel investor Joan Rivers. The total equity investment in the company stands at more than $30 million. For more information about MyPrimeTime, Inc. visit www.myprimetime.com.

About Nightly Business Report Enterprises
"Nightly Business Report" is Television's #1 daily business news program. It is produced by NBR Enterprises/WPBT2/Miami. Seen by more than 1 million U.S. viewers each weeknight, "Nightly Business Report" is the most-watched and longest-running, daily evening business news program on broadcast or cable television. In a fast-paced format, it provides business and economic news and investment information to help people manage their money and stay on top of the news that affects their portfolios. "Nightly Business Report" premiered as a Miami regional program on January 22, 1979, with national distribution beginning in 1981. Through its affiliation with over 270 public television stations across the country, "Nightly Business Report" is available in 92% of U.S. television households. "Nightly Business Report" and "Great Entrepreneurs" are both syndicated by American Public Television.

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