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Affinity Audience Demographically, MyPrimeTime productions cater to adults in their peak performance years, that is -- ages 35-55. Content topics are chosen in terms of relevance to major life events – birth of a child, aging, career shifting, caring for aging parents, managing money, etc. Psychographically our audience is made up of individuals who proactively seek to improve themselves, their families and their communities. Affinity is created by the belief, sometimes simply the hope, that they can evolve their attitudes and behavior. Much the way renowned psychologist Abraham Maslow described a person’s hierarchy of ‘needs’, MyPrimeTime helps an individual identify and satisfy specific ‘needs’ so he or she can elevate themselves and their expectations. Topics include: facing reality, the value of spontaneity, personal autonomy, the subjectivity of value, how to develop and act on convictions, endurance, etc.

Most important, while most media companies focus on events and issues outside of the lives of most of their audiences, everything MyPrimeTime produces is focused on the individual audience member… and at just the age that most people are focusing more inward. In other words, everything we create speaks directly to individual audience members as they get serious about discovering and achieving their life goals and as their decision-making gains more urgency.

This powerful combination, a huge demographic* coupled with a more targeted psychographic offers a rich opportunity for both a traditional media model and ecommerce. MyPrimeTime’s approach in reaching this audience is revolutionary in two ways: first, targeting all content to the proactive self-improver and then allowing that person to personalize the companies’ offerings online. This is accomplished through our personalization feature: Click here

MyPrimeTime also specifically targets the most affluent and tech-savvy among them -- a highly coveted group, dubbed "New Enthusiasts" by Odyssey Research. "New Enthusiasts" are family-oriented, trend setting and value-conscious. They are particularly valuable because other psychographic groups track and mimic their consumer behavior. Marketers seeking broad reach and high affinity are willing to pay to communicate with individuals managing major life events and are revising campaigns to focus on those transitions. Pinpointing those individuals who lead behavioral shifts, such as "New Enthusiasts" is an additional benefit and goal.

*The number of Baby Boomers has grown by 19 million people since 1990. Americans in their 40’s, who are over half of the Boomer population, spent over $1 trillion in 1998. Baby Boomers are the fastest growing group online and now represent over 50% of all Internet users. In addition to a rapid growth rate, Boomers have among the most attractive online usage habits. Compared to 18 to 24 year-olds, Boomers:
  • Spend six more days per month online,
  • Stay online 236 minutes longer,
  • View 179 more unique pages per month,
  • and
  • Represent 62% of the people who are shopping online.

  • Currently, advertising spending targeted at the Boomer segment is roughly $100 billion and is expected to grow substantially over the next five years.

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