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Rich Media

Myprimetime.com, in conjunction with DoubleClick, can serve the following creative formats:

  • Unicast
  • Hotmedia
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • ShockWave
  • ShockWave Flash
  • Enliven
  • Zapa Microsites
  • InterVu Video
  • Real Audio
  • Real Video
  • How are rich media creatives served?

    Rich media creatives are displayed in FRAMES, IFRAMES (on Internet Explorer 3.2 and above), or LAYERS (on Netscape 4.0 and above), depending on the site and the browser used. Your creative must be tested in all environments and on as many platforms as possible. It is also a good idea to provide a back-up image (GIF or JPEG), to be served to users on older browser versions who will not be able to view rich media.

    Can click-through be tracked with rich media?

    Yes, however there are a few constraints:

    • For HTML banners that incorporate forms, a method of "get" is required in order to track click-through. A method of "post" is supportable, but we will not be able to track click-through.
    • For Java banners, click-throughs cannot be embedded or compiled into the Java applet. The value for this parameter must be pulled from an HTML <param...> tag.

      Do I have to do anything special in my ad code?

      Href Targets Java
      All ad code must target the "_top" or "_blank" frame in the click-through <a href> tags.
      This is true for all creatives, including Shockwave Flash creatives where the click-through URL for the Flash banner is embedded in the swf file.
      Like click-throughs, images cannot be embedded or compiled in the Java applet. The values for any image parameter must be pulled from HTML <param> tags.

      What is the maximum file size for rich media?

      The maximum file size for a standard 468 x 60 rich media is 15K on the first file download.

      Do I have to test my creative?

      Yes, creative must be tested in ALL major browsers and versions before we receive it. These browsers include (but are not limited to) Netscape versions 3 and 4 and Internet Explorer versions 3 and 4.
      Link(s) for banners on site or e-mail your traffic contact

      Place a working version of the ad on a Web page and e-mail the URL to your sales representative.

      Once I send my banner to trafficking when will it be activated?

      You must allow at least three business days for testing of rich media, before the placements can be set active. All creative must be tested in Netscape 3, Netscape 4, Internet Explorer 3 and Internet Explorer 4.

      If the creative requires a plug-in, then appropriate JavaScript, for Netscape, and Vbscript, for IE --- usually referred to as "sniffer" code -- must be present to determine whether or not the user has the correct plug-in. If the user does not have the correct plug-in, a default banner must be served to them. The back-up banner should be referenced in the HTML code and have a click-through URL.

      For more information, please contact our advertising team.

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