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Health Statistics
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  • Boomer men are twice as likely to exercise daily as Boomer women
  • Boomers exercise more, on average, than the average person
  • Among Boomers, these are the top five health problems:
  • % Reporting Problems
    Muscle chest/pains 37%
    Headache 37%
    Excess Weight 35%
    Upset Stomach 31%
    Sinus Problems 31%

  • Spending on HMOs is:

    - 31% higher than the average consumer for 35-to-44-year-olds
    - 33% higher than the average consumer for 45-to-54-year-olds

  • People aged 40 to 49 characterize their health in the following way:

    Excellent 32%
    Good 50%
    Fair 15%
    Poor 3%

  • Most Boomers eat out daily, and do so more than the average person.
    Boomers Average
    Men 66% 61%
    Women 56% 51%

    Source: The Baby Boom, New Strategist Publications, 1999.

    Compared to the general online population,

  • 42% more Boomers shopped for natural foods/vitamins online in the last 6 months (6.1%)

  • Note: All Boomer figures represent behavior of individuals aged 35 to 54, unless otherwise stated. Figures in parentheses represent absolute percentages of Boomers taking part in respective activities.

    Source: @Plan, Dec. 99. Figures reflect behavior of Boomers who have been online 3+ years vs. the general online population.

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