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Won't the Cast of Friends Be Mad!
by Paul Wolf

Volumetrics is not a household word like The Zone or the Atkins' diets. Nor does it have the high profile celebs and ad campaigns of a Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig.

But Volumetrics does have Self magazine in its corner.

Get the goods on Volumetrics:
Volumetrics basics: slim down with heavy foods.
Choosing the right foods.
Create a Volumetrics menu.
Two diets that didn't make the grade:
The Zone
Zone vs. Atkins: Diet Slugfest.

In the magazine's January 2001 issue, a panel of five nutritionists grade 13 of today's most popular diets for Self's Ultimate Diet Guide. These experts say Volumetrics' emphasis on fruits and veggies, water-packed foods and few refined products makes it a grade-A diet and the sanest approach to better health and weight loss.

The Atkins Diet, which advises the virtual elimination of carbohydrate, brought home a D. Panel nutritionists faulted this diet for its low carb intake that puts you in danger of ketosis, a metabolic state in which the body uses fat particles (ketones) as fuel instead of glucose.

The Zone Diet with its recommended 40 percent carbs (mostly from fruits and vegetables), 30 percent low-fat protein, and 30 percent unsaturated fats didn't fare much better. "Although the 40-30-30 balance is fairly healthy, the 800 to 1,200 calories allowed daily aren't," said one panel nutritionist. Final grade for The Zone: D+.

The magazine admits many questionable diets will allow you to lose weight. But the issue is: Do you want to follow it for the rest of your life?

Turning diets into full-fledged communities is both the upside and downside for Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig, which each get a B+. If all you want is a menu of foods you can eat, you'll be getting more than you bargained for with these heavy weights.

Volumetrics comes in at the head of the class, according to Self's nutritionists, because the diet offers slow and sustained weight loss without undue hassles or feelings of deprivation.

Read how to slim down with heavy foods on Volumetrics.

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