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Choose one out of the following list of fears that most applies to you in your relationship. If you are not in a relationship, think about an ex-partner or spouse.

Your choice will reveal how you may have been wounded, as well as give you a clue on how to start healing.

Separation, abandonment and losing myself in my relationship.

Not being wanted emotionally and physically, and being rejected by my partner.

My partner's unreliability being there and then not being there for me.

Being smothered, absorbed and humiliated by my partner.

Feeling invisible, asserting myself, and consequently losing my partner's love.

Being shamed for who I am, losing control and losing face in my relationship.

Being seen as aggressive, successful, competent and powerful, and therefore losing my partner's love and acceptance.

Being seen as a failure, losing my partner's approval and having to prove my worth to my partner.

Having or expressing my needs and being excluded and rejected by my partner for having them.

Being disliked by my partner, who doesn't want to be with me not being seen as an equal.

Being different from others and my partner, and not having my partner's approval of my uniqueness.

Having my actions controlled by my partner, and not being free to express myself without being criticized.

This exercise is not intended to be a substitute for professional counseling. For information on Imago Relationship Therapy or a therapist in your area, visit the Imago Web Site

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