A collection of sex and love articles by Marty Klein, Ph.D.
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More Articles by Marty Klein, Ph.D.

Booting Up Booty
Are you cheating with your computer? Steamy cybersex gets some into sticky situations.

The Swing Set
Swinging and couple swapping are not just a thing of the past. Some five million Americans still get it on in a group.

What do You Want From Sex?
If you're not getting what you want in bed, maybe you need to think about a new sexual agenda.

Is Your Relationship Doomed?
Learn to recognize the warning signs of a failing relationship, and do something about it before it's too late.

How to be a Headstrong Woman
There's one thing just about every man loves, and we're not afraid to kiss and tell.

How Many Partners Have You Had?
Safe sex is the sexiest kind there is. But don't take our word for it; try it for yourself.

Get it Right the First Time
Sex with someone new is exciting. It's even better if you talk about it first.

A Change of Venue

Touch Me There

Sex, Orgasms ... and the Laundry

Jealous Lovers Don't Last

Isn't Sex Part of Intimacy?

Nurture Your Relationship

The Truth About Intimacy

Keeping Your Commitments

When Sex Is Speedy

Play an Erotic Role

Apologize With Meaning

The Future of Sex

What Men Love About Women's Bodies

Are Meds Ruining Your Sex Life?

Straightening Out Erection Difficulties

Are You Ruining Your Sex Life?

Masturbation in May

The Buzz on Adult Toys

Sex Therapy

Give Your Love Life a Squeeze

Emotions and Sex

Talking With Your Doctor About Sex

Why Censorship Hurts Everyone

Conditions for Good Sex

Catch a Porn Star

When Sex Hurts

Sex in the Present

Good Sex or Great Sex?

Men Are From Earth, Women Are From Earth

Almost Everything You Want to Know About Sex

What's Sexual Dysfunction?

Does Your Sex Life Need to Grow Up?

When to Say 'No' to Sex


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