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9 Ways to Get Sexier Muscles
by Karen Andes

If you think weightlifting is painful and boring, try thinking of it as sex for your muscles. Done with sensitivity and care, weightlifting can be one of the most intensely sensual and pleasurable experiences you can have with your clothes on.

Try these nine ways to get sexier muscles:

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1. Move very slowly. Take at least two seconds to lift and two to lower. Move slowly through every inch of motion.

2. Go deep. Use deep, full ranges of motion wherever possible. If it bothers your joints, shorten your range.

3. Watch your posture. Good posture helps keep you in proper alignment, and it looks good, too. Keep your shoulders down, belly in, chest up, and back just slightly arched.

4. Do it as long as it feels good. If you can't hold the right posture, stop or continue with lighter weight.

5. Stop talking; start doing. Don't break the mood of your lifting experience by stopping to chat.

6. Tell yourself how good you are. Maintain an inner dialogue, like, "Come on, now. Focus. Shoulders down. Belly in. You can do another one. Yes!"

7. Set the mood. If you listen to music under your headsets, find music that encourages you to feel. Avoid heavy metal, acid rock and other nerve-numbing music.

8. Go for quality over quantity. Two slow workouts a week equal three fast, sloppy ones.

9. Size matters. Do more reps (9-12) of exercises like lunges that work larger muscle groups. Do fewer reps (5-6) of exercises designed to work smaller muscles like the shoulders and biceps.

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• Toddler Weightlifting: One More Way to Get in Shape
• Grab a Lawn Mower and Get Buff
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Those Aches

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