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  Falling for Speed Skating
Everything you need to know to get started on this high-speed fitness regime. Rule No. 1: You're going to fall. (Full Story)

Fitness is a Choice
Columnist Stu Watson talks with 79-year-old Norman Ford, who has chosen a life of activity and good food and says anyone can do the same. (Full Story)

Five to Thrive
Fitness expert Rochelle Rice shares her five keys to a body that's healthy and vibrant, not stunted and starved. (Full Story)

Enough With the Sit-Ups
Kick back, put your feet up, and don't even think about working your abs. It's the news we've been waiting for — relaxing is good for your health. (Full Story)

Trim the Fat
Feeling like Jack Spratt's wife? It's never too late to get in shape, says fitness expert Karen Andes. Her 9-step approach to fitness. (Full Story)

If you're making that sound in the weight room, you're not doing yourself any favors. Get a sleek, cut body: Drop the heavy weights and go for the 8-pounders. (Full Story)

Traveling, being on vacation, staying in hotel rooms, you've run out of excuses!  Here are exercsise tips to keep you buffed and fit. (Watch video)
Virtual Workout               
Get buff without going to the gym. (More)

Alive and Fit: Unafraid to Brave the Cold

Stu Watson
The No Strain, No Pain Workout
Exercise shouldn't hurt like hell. Here's how to get in shape without moaning and groaning.  (Full Story)

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