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Do You Have Foot Pain in the Morning?As many people age, they complain of pain in their feet the first thing in the morning or after taking the first few steps after prolonged sitting. (Full Story)

I Couldn't Care More
Over 25 million Americans provide care to ill or disabled family members, and the strain is proving more than we can bear. Find help with our resources. (Full Story)

Hormones For Sale
Is human growth hormone the secret to looking and feeling younger or is it a gamble with your health? (Full Story)

Never Too Old
Rock band, rock-hard abs, sex that's rocking (don't come a-knockin') — have it all. Five midlife myths, busted. (Full Story)

She Draws The Line
Laura Mercier wants youth-obsessed American women to view aging the European way: a ripening into mature beauty. (Full Story)

Do you wake up with foot pain?          As many people age, they complain of foot pain first thing in the morning. These symptons can come from weight gain or increased activity. (Full Story)

Fearless After 40
Steve Martin's gone from Jerk to art collector; Madonna plays both mom and ghetto cowgirl. These 40 people defy aging and labels, fearlessly. (Full Story)

Optimism Quiz
Is your glass half-empty or half-full? (More)

Video Clip: Stephen Covey Talks Success
The author of "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" talks about true success. (More)

How much water should you drink? 
If 70 percent of your brain is made of water and 60 percent of your body, you probably want to know how much you need.  (Full Story)

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