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  Andrew Weil's Latest Prescription: Take Ecstasy
The Physician and best-selling author says he would recommend the "rave" drug Ecstasy to certain patients… if it were legal. (Full Story)

Clean Your Stove for Inner Calm
It's not an adman's slogan; it's ancient Chinese wisdom. More feng shui secrets. (Full Story)

Moods, Sweat and Fears
All side effects of antidepressant use — and don't forget sexual problems and tooth grinding. How to cope when your joy pills are killjoys. (Full Story)

9 Ways to Protect Your Heart
Get a pet, make a friend — you'll be surprised how painlessly you can improve your heart health. (Full Story)

We Just Can't Get Enough Sleep
From room design to folk remedies, we show you how to get more rest this holiday season. (Full Story)

Bad To The Corpuscle
Your fatigue might go deeper than sleep. Are you at risk for anemia? (Full Story)


Sleep Away Your Stress
A new study reveals that staying in bed an extra 20 minutes may make for a healthier, happier you.  (Full Story)

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