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Affordable Healthcare 2018
Open Enrollment for Obamacare starts Nov. 1
2018 Affordable Care or Obamacare is available starting November 1st. Nearly 8 out of 10 folks applying will get subsidies...still!   (Full Story)

Marty Klein

Ease Up on the Stork
And give the "found you in a cabbage patch" bit a rest, too. Marty Klein, Ph.D., has four solid approaches to talking sex and love with your kids.  (Full Story)
What's your biggest obstacle to exercise?
 Lack of time
 Lack of energy
 Lack of discipline
 Low self-esteem
Calorie Burn Calculator
Work off that cheeseburger now!
Optimism Quiz
Is your glass half-empty or half-full?
Are You Happy ?
Take our quiz and find out!

Hot Dogs, Peanuts and...Sushi?
You bet. And by the way the dogs are made from low-fat buffalo meat. It's all part of the more healthful menus now playing at America's ballparks.
(Full Story)

Making Monogamy Sizzle
A steamy sex life is essential to a long and healthy relationship, says sex therapist Tracey Cox. Get her secrets for spicy monogamy.
(Full Story)

Are You a Candidate for Burnout?
Let's hope not. But, if you're feeling stressed and overwhelmed with too much to do and you're driving yourself hard, here are some tips to help you be more productive with less effort. And, we're not always talking about productivity at work. You'll see.
(Full Story)

I'll Have the Ostrich Tongue — Rare
Think you know what you like? Look at what science has to say about our pleasure zone. (Full Story)

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