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  Spring Break Up
Kick the white pumps and dead relationships to the curb. Make this spring about finding lasting love, not seasonal help. (Full Story)

Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater
Can't live with 'em, can't trap them in a big vegetable — when it comes to love, the keeping can be harder than the finding. Harville Hendrix on why we choose who we choose. (Full Story)

Misery Loves... You!
When does a gentle embrace turn into a chokehold? Writer Andrei Codrescu's No. 1 fan teaches him a lesson about love. (Full Story)

Make Time for Your Marriage
Do you stuff your marriage into the five-minute gap between Little League and yoga? Learn how to take a break and enjoy each other. (Full Story)

Relationship Troubles? Go to Bed
Couples find a healing balm in sleeping and cuddling together. (Full Story)

If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Mommy's
Our best reports on making blended families work. (Full Story)

Dating Your Dad?
Do you choose partners who are remarkably like your aloof father or controlling mother? Expert Harville Hendrix's imago therapy can help. Take the quiz. (More)

Intimacy Quiz
Open your heart with this exercise from relationship expert Harville Hendrix. (More)

Barbara Quick
The Bald and the Beautiful
Why is it that women look better than men at high school reunions? Columnist Barbara Quick pokes around potbellies and hair plugs for the answer.  (Full Story)

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