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  To become a better parent, you need to understand how you parent now. This quiz will help. Even if your child is older or younger than the child in the example, answer based on what you think you would do.

Don't give the answer you think is right. The quiz was created to help you take an honest look at how you parent, and help pinpoint the areas you need to change.

If you have a partner, it would be useful for both of you to take the quiz separately, and compare answers. Go through all 12 questions to get your results.

*Note: This quiz is intended as a tool for self-exploration but is not a scientifically validated test.

Number of questions: 12
Time required: 4 minutes

  Your child is throwing a major tantrum in the grocery store because she wants a free cookie. You say no, it's just before dinner. Everyone is staring at you while the bakery clerk holds out the treat. You:





  You overhear your children are fighting over a toy. Suddenly, you hear a scream. One yells, "He took my toy!" The other yells, "He started it!" You:





  Your child wants to go outside and play. You say no, it's almost dinnertime. He says, "Oh, please!" You say no again. He says, "I promise I'll only play for 10 minutes and I'll come right in. Please?" You:





  Your child dawdles and loses track of the time and misses the school bus. You:





  Your toddler is constantly touching the control knobs on the stereo, after you have repeatedly say no. Tired of the battle, You:





  Your child is 6 years old. As usual, you walk into the family room to see toys and books littering every square inch. You've had enough of this mess. You:





  It's 11:30 p.m. Your 10-year-old is sleeping. You notice that the dog still has not been fed dinner or taken outside. This is a daily problem. You:





  Your 8-year-old's goldfish dies because it has not been fed. Feeding the fish is your child's responsibility. Your child is lying on the sofa sobbing. You:





  For the second time this month, your 10-year-old loses his school notebook. You:





  Several of your 17-year-old son's friends have pierced their nostrils, and now proudly display nose rings. Your son wants to pierce his nose, too. You:





  It's Saturday and it's raining outside. Your 6-year-old wants to go out and play in the puddles. You:





  You walk into the room and catch your 3-year-old writing on the wall in crayon. You:






From Kid Cooperation: How to Stop Yelling, Nagging and Pleading and Get Kids to Cooperate by Elizabeth Pantley;
New Harbinger Publications

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