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Eat Your Brussels Sprouts, Mom

If we're lucky, we'll get to watch our parents get old. Lucky, because for most of us the alternative is worse. They're outliving their savings; they need medical care; they need a place to live; they need help with their affairs; they need ... you.

If this sounds familiar, you're not alone. Our parents at least those 85 or older are the fastest growing segment of the population. Words like "geriatrics," which we conveniently ignored as we thumbed through our parents' Reader's Digest, now catch our eye. We need information on this new role of ours.

Myprimetime hopes to help with this special report. You'll find stories and tips on finding the right retirement home, administering elder care, compassionate care-giving, reverse mortgages and even choosing a great vacation.

Below is a directory to guide you. With a little insight and planning, you can make your parents' sunset years that much more golden.

Professional TLC for aging parents
Elder care essentials
Moving Your Parents
Who's taking care of Grandma?
Mom and Dad behind the wheel
Between the young and the old
Parenting your parents

Endless summer
Take your parents on a D.I.Y. garden tour
Intimate garden tours

When to intervene in Mom and Dad's finances
Avoiding the pitfalls of long-term health insurance
Reverse mortgages: guarding the golden years
Gauging your family's needs as your parents age
Smooth the path toward retirement
Assisted living: Affordable care that maintains our elders' independence

Care for the caregiver
Getting our elders to eat right
Spotting a decline in your parents' health

Elder care and your career
A proactive approach to elder care
Helping employees take care of their family

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Related Stories
• The Daily Dose: Elder Care
• Grandpa the Rebel
• The Insult of Aging
• Grandparenting 101
• Letting Children Grieve

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