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God: Fulfillment of Desire Practice
by Deepak Chopra

What do you really want in life? Love? Abundance? The well being of others? You are invited to meditate on your deepest desires and to take a journey into your heart.

Keep paper and pen handy so that you can take notes on what you discover along the way.

You are what your deep, driving desire is.
As is your desire,
So is your will,
So is your deed.
As is your deed,
So is your destiny.
� From the Upanishads  

You can also print out this practice for daily use. Once you learn this exercise, it is best done with your eyes closed.

� Sit comfortably. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.

� Now, bring your attention into your heart.

� Consider all of the things for which you feel gratitude.

� Take another deep breath and let it out slowly.

� Now, ask yourself: "What are my deepest desires?"

� Let your mind reflect on the various domains of your life:

� Consider the level of your material satisfaction.

� Consider your health and well being.

� Consider your relationships and emotional life.

� Consider your spiritual longings.

� Remain very still.

Now, in your silent awareness, ask this question of yourself:

� What do I want?

� What do I want?

� What do I want?

Do this for a few minutes. Every 10 seconds or so, ask yourself the question "What do I want?" and listen to the messages that arise from the deepest chamber of your heart.

Continue for another couple of minutes, simply reflecting on the questions:

� What do I want?

� What do I really want?

Now, open your eyes. Write down the answers that came to you. Saying them to yourself aloud also helps.

This daily practice can help you realize your deepest desires by mobilizing your energy, will and intention to what you truly want.

From How to Know God, Deepak Chopra. Copyright � 2000. Used with permission. All rights reserved.

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